PIANO+ COMPETITION FOR FUNDING on photonics-based internet access networks of the future (duration: 2010 - 2014)

The PIANO+ Call is closed!
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PIANO+ was a trans-national call for project proposals on "photonics-based internet access networks of the future" which was launched in March 2010. It was co-funded by the participating national funding bodies from Austria, Germany, Israel, Poland and the United Kingdom and by the European Commission. The multi-national research projects funded under PIANO+ were implemented between 2011 and 2014.

Background: Ultra-fast broadband is recognised as becoming increasingly important as demands for bandwidth multiply. Investment in the development of next generation optical access technologies will enable a future network to be deployed which will radically reduce infrastructure costs through removal of local exchanges and potentially much of the metro network.

The projects funded under this call were expected to make significant contributions to the development of photonic technology and system architectures for the scalable, future proof and energy efficient access network and its extension to the customers` premises including the home, allowing for cost-effective 1 Gbit/s (and beyond) access to all in the near future.

Results of the PIANO+ projects.

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