Project acronym: PIANO+ IMPACT
Project title: Integrated multi-wavelength passive optical access system
Project duration: from 01.05.2011 to 31.07.2014
Coordinator: ADVA Optical Networking SE
Scientific representative of the coordinator: Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Project partners:
ADVA Optical Networking (D, UK, PL)
Oclaro (UK)
TU Berlin (D)
Infineon (D)
University of Saarland (D)
Energie AG Oberösterreich Data (AT)

Executive summary

The main objective of PIANO+ IMPACT was to develop a novel DWDM-PON (Dense Wavelength Division – Passive Optical Network) optical access system substantially reducing cost, power consumption, and footprint while improving scalability over present solutions. Focusing on the overall system architecture and the optical line termination (OLT) equipment, IMPACT targeted at developing the necessary optical and electronic technologies and demonstrating end-to-end operation.

Public project report (.docx download): IMPACT