Project acronym: OTONES
Project title: Optical Access Networking Using OFDM Tones
Project duration: from 01.05.2011 to 31.04.2014
Coordinator: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT
Scientific representative of the coordinator: Prof. Dr. Christian Koos
Project website address: www.ict-otones.eu

Executive summary

The project OTONES dealt with the field of incorporation of frequency-division multiplexing for optical access networks. The OTONES project had an interesting approach for future exploitation due to its very efficient spectral design, its potentially low cost, and because of the incorporation of hybrid signal processing for reduced energy consumption.

The objective of the OTONES project was the development and demonstration of passive optical network (PON) with a data rate of 1 Gbps+ per subscriber using a novel optical access network and signaling approach with colorless and cost efficient as well as energy efficient transceivers. The concept employs OFDM for data multiplexing and multiple accesses. The upstream (US) transmitter uses an optical carrier that is remotely supplied in the downstream (DS) by the optical line terminal (OLT) located in a central office (CO).

Public project report (.docx download): OTONES