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Jarosław Turkiewicz, Ph.D.
Institute of Telecommunications
Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Nowowiejska 15/19
00-665 Warsaw
Phone: 00 48 698582011
Fax: 00 48 22 234 7477
E-Mail: jturkiew@tele.pw.edu.pl

Description and expertise of the organisation:
Institute of Telecommunications (IT) is one the six institutes comprising Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, the largest faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) – a leading technical university in Poland. IT carries on extensive research and education in such areas as: wired and wireless communication system and networking technologies, multimedia techniques, digital circuits and techno-economical aspects of telecommunications.

IT WUT is a leading entity concerning research on optical communication technologies in Poland. Our key research expertise in the area of optical communication includes:
• high speed and capacity optical transmission and switching including advanced modulation formats
• optical access systems
• optical network planning and optimization
• multimode fibre based short range transmission systems for applications in in-house networks
• techno-economical aspects of optical communication systems and networks.
Therefore IT WUT expertise fits very well to the ERA-NET PIANO+ objectives.

Within IT research on fiber based communication systems is led by prof. J, Siuzdak, while research on optical network planning and optimization is led by prof. M. Pióro. In 2004-2009 the groups of prof. Siuzdak and prof. Pióro have conducted 15 national and 8 international projects. The group members have very extensive international experience, e.g. Lund University, Eindhoven University of Technology and cooperate closely with leading research centers concerning optical communication like DTU Fotonik (Technical University of Denmark). Research results of the two groups have been published in Annals of Telecommunications, European Transactions on Telecommunications, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Networks, Telecommunication Systems, European Conference on Optical Communication, Globecom, International Teletraffic Congress, etc.

IT WUT collaborates very closely with Orange Labs Warsaw (former Polish Telecom R&D) that can be also brought into consortium.

Recently, the institute has been awarded 2.5 mln Euro funding (project POIG.02.01.00-14-197/09 FOTEH, the Innovative Economy Programme) to extend its optical communication laboratory facilities and equipment. The upgrade will be realized in 2010. In effect, IT WUT will posses the most advanced world-class optical communication laboratory in Poland.

IT is a leading unit in terms of engagement in international projects at the Warsaw University of Technology. The institute has a strong experience in that matter and in between 2004-2009 it has participated in 23 international projects:
• 12 within FP-6 and FP-7 (3 IPs, 5 STREPs, 3 NoEs, 1 CA)
• 11 within other programs (CELTIC-EUREKA, COST, projects funded by foreign partners).

Examples of international projects we actively participate in are:
• Management Platform for Next Generation Optical Networks (MANGO): EUREKA-CELTIC CP4-017.
• Passive Optical Networks based on MM optical fibers for home and business applications: France Telecom R&D Project, Contract No 43012922.
• Content Mediator architecture for content-aware networks (COMET, STREP): FP-7 Contract No 248784.
• Anticipating the Network of the Future - from Theory to Design (EURO NF, NoE): FP-7 Contract No 216366
• Exposing the Features in IP version SIX protocols that can be exploited/extended for the purposes of designing/building Autonomic Networks and Services (EFIPSANS, IP): FP-7 Contract No 215549
• Design and Engineering of the Future Generation Internet - Towards convergent multi-service networks (EURO-FGI, NoE): FP-6 Contract No 028022.
• End-to-end Quality of Service support over heterogeneous networks (EuQoS, IP): FP-6 Contract No 4503.
• Semantic Interfaces for Mobile Services (SIMS, STREP): FP-6 Contract No 27610.

Research interests / Project ideas
In the PIANO+ project we wish to develop research on sub-systems, systems and network architectures of next generation optical access and core networks to enable the next generation of high speed access networks in the following directions:
• development of cost and energy efficient technologies assuring delivery of broadband high quality transport services in access networks, e.g. based on advanced modulation formats (coherent detection) or advanced integrated photonics circuits, as well as cost effective in-house service delivery based on POF (Plastic Optical Fibre) and advanced modulation formats
• development of core network architectures and technologies as well as interfaces between core and access systems assuring optimal utilization of resources and service delivery, e.g. cost-effective high-speed and high capacity transmission in the 1310 nm wavelength domain or transparent interfacing between access and core networks
• mathematical modeling of optical access networks (P2P, PON, WDM-PON) considering topology, impairments and limitations of particular network components (fibres, OLTs, LNTs, splitters etc.) as well as applied routing and bandwidth allocation rules assuring high QoS
• developing of models and tools for increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and for preserving high dependability of network services through tuning parameters of the control plane based on careful designing of network topology together with rules for bandwidth allocation
• laboratory system and network design, realization and testing including test beds together with Polish Telecom (Orange Labs Warsaw) as well as techno-economical studies on the developed technologies

Our research team has an extensive experience in the above areas.

We are very open to other ideas and are willing to participate in projects involving research in the domain of optical networking:
• new optical transmission and switching technologies (physical layer)
• techno-economical studies on optical networks
• routing and protocols in optical networks
• optical network management plane.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss ideas and further project details.

PON, DWDM, POF, 100 Gbit/s, optical commuications, optical core and access system and networks, network optimization