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Dr Jianming Tang
School of Electronic Engineering
Bangor University
Dean Street
Bangor LL57 1UT
Phone: 0044-1248-382697
Fax: 0044-1248-361429

Description and expertise of the organisation:
• The Optical Communication Research Group is the first and only research group in the world that has experimentally demonstrated ground-breaking real-time end-to-end optical OFDM (OOFDM) transceivers at a series of record-breaking signal bit rates of 1.5Gb/s in April 2009, 3Gb/s in May and June 2009, 6Gb/s in July and August 2009, the record-high spectral efficiency of 5.25bit/s/Hz in September 2009, 7.5Gb/s in October 2009, and new record high 11.25Gb/s OOFDM transceivers in November 2009. It is expected that >20Gb/s real-time OOFDM transceivers will be demonstrated experimentally in 2010. All the aforementioned real-time OOFDM transceivers are implemented with off-the-shelf components such as FPGAs and DACs/ADCs. In designing these real-time OOFDM transceivers, great effort has been given to selecting cost-effective electrical and optical devices to minimise the transceiver cost and simultaneously maximise the transmission performance. In addition, a number of real product-like functionalities such as on-line performance monitoring and live parameter optimisation have also been incorporated into the real-time OOFDM transceivers developed.
• Multiple access techniques for next generation access networks. Proposed, patented and investigated several advanced techniques offering unique features including, for example, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, dynamic bandwidth allocation at wavelength and sub-wavelength levels, and colourless operation over the entire C-band.
• Design of advanced high capacity optical communications systems using different transmission medium such as standard SMFs, MMFs, MetroCor SMFs and POFs.
• Optical and electrical signal processing techniques for communications systems: 1) Optical signal processing based on ultrafast nonlinearities of optoelectronic components including SOAs, RSOAs, QD-SOAs and TOADs; 2) Electrical signal processing in FPGAs.

Research interests / Project ideas
Cost-effective OOFDMA access networks

access networks, electrical signal processing, optical signal processing, transmission medium.