Wroclaw University of Technology, Laser and Fiber Electronics Group, Poland, Higher Education (HE)

Krzysztof Abramski
Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
50-370 Wroclaw
Phone: +48 71 320 30 24
Fax: +48 71 320 31 89
E-Mail: krzysztof.abramski@pwr.wroc.pl

Description and expertise of the organisation:
1 professor (K.M. Abramski), 4 PhDs (A. Antonczak, P. Kaczmarek, A. Waz, G. Dudzik), 4 PhD students (J. Sotor - 4th year, R. Lewicki 3rd year, M. Nikodem - 3rd year, N. Trela – 2nd year, M. Nowak – 1st year) and 8 MSc students.

LFEG is currently engaged in 5 projects:
- Mode-locked fiber lasers (optical combs) based on erbium doped pulsed fiber lasers at 1550nm,
- Development of technology of microchip solid state diode pumped lasers with single frequency operation and frequency control (for example Nd:YVO4/KTP 1064 and 532nm),
- Fiber MOPA (Master Oscillators Power Amplifier) at 1550nm with the output of 10 Watts.
- Frequency stabilization of lasers,
- WDM vibrometry. Development of the multipoint laser fiber vibrometry based on coherent detection using WDM network based on the rule: one wavelength corresponds to one point.
1. Current Project – Developing Novel Laser-Fiber Vibrometry - EEA Grants in collaboration WITH Norwegian Partner.
2.“Optical combs”. Cooperation with Germen Company MENLO. PhD student, M. Nikodem, works in this company at the 6 month contract.
3. Heriot-Watt Univ., Edinburgh (professor H.J. Baker), common PhD student, Natalia Trela, phase-locking of diode laser arrays,
4. Rice University, Houston (Professor F.J.Tittel). Common PhD student, R. Lewicki, laser spectroscopy.
5. 2002-2005 5th FP LAVINYA - Laser Vibrometry Network: Systems and Applications (G6RT-CT-2002-05093)
6. COST Action 291, Towards Digital Optical Networks.Comments:

Research interests / Project ideas
1. Development of simple, stable Fiber Optical Laser Combs at 1550nm range as the multi-channels sources for the fast and broadband internet. The mode-locked ring fiber laser with the mode space of a few GHz can be a stable multi-channel comb source for dense WDM and dense FDM (coherent detection). We have some solutions and ideas for that.
2. Development of High Power Fiber Amplifiers at 1550nm range for the fast and broadband transmission in two applications: free space WDM transmission, and higher power WDM system in the last mile transmission by using multimode fibers. The MOPA system consisting of fiber comb laser as a seed laser with the chain of 2-3 stage erbium doped and erbium-ytterbium double-clad power amplifiers can be particularly useful as a sources for the broadband and fast transmission (PON networks) in internet applications.

Fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, optical combs, MOPA, WDM applications, microchip solid state lasers,