IQE, UK, Industry (IND)

Steven Phelps
Pascal Close
St Mellons
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 2920 839450 / +4
Fax: +44 2920 839 471

Description and expertise of the organisation:
IQE is a world leading manufacturer of a very wide range of compound semiconductor wafers using advanced MOCVD. We are seeking collaborations with partners developing sub systems for the high speed internet of the future. IQE has 20+ years experience in this field and brings with it the following core competence;
- Development of very high speed > 30 Gbit/s single channel VCSELS.
- InP Laser Diodes and Sensors
- Experience of integrating novel designs into pre qualified structures.
- Seamless transition into manufacturing from proof of concept.
- 24/7 operation allowing rapid cycles of learning
- Rigorous quality control ensuring development results are not confounded by lack of control during growth.
- Substantial range of III-V characterisation kit and knowledge to develop quick turn results from growth runs.
- Highly skilled team with broad post doctorate growth and characterisation expertise across III-V compound semiconductors.

Research interests / Project ideas
Currently looking for partners who require low cost standard or customised lasers VCSELs or sensors operating between 850 and 1550nm to develop high speed optical communication subsystems

High Speed InP & GaAs Lasers, VCSELS, InP Sensors, APD's, High Speed optical communications