A3PICs Electronics Development GmbH, Austria, Industry (IND)

Michael Foertsch
Webergasse 18
1200 Vienna
Phone: 0043-1-2288508-10
Fax: 0043-1-2288508-99
E-Mail: foertsch@a3pics.com

Description and expertise of the organisation:
The A3PICs Electronics Development GmbH is a SME company founded and based in Vienna, Austria and has its core competence in the field of optical receivers and opto-electronic integrated circuits.
A3PICS started business as a design-house. We successfully developed highly advanced opto-electronic solutions (as for instance a low-power parallel receiver with an overall data rate of 140Gbit/s) and provided consulting for numerous international companies.
With gradually accumulating additional experience and identifying the needs of the market, we began to develop our own products. A3PICs is a “fabless company”, that means that we specialize in the development, characterization, qualification and marketing of our products. The production of our integrated circuits is done at external ASIC foundries.

Our core competence is the design and the characterization of optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEIC) in low-cost silicon processes. We successfully launched a series of optical receivers with integrated large-area photodiodes covering wavelength regimes of 400nm to 850nm and data rates of 10Mbit/s to 1.25Gbit/s. Additionally, we built up experience in the design and the characterization of optical receivers with external photodiodes, highly linear optical receiver circuits for complex modulation-schemes, LED- and VCSEL-driver ICs, ADCs and DACs. A3PICS has a vast knowledge in mixed-signal design.

Research interests / Project ideas
Our current "hot-topics" are:

- Extending the range of 1Gbit/s POF-links in general.
- Enhanced LED/VCSEL driver and optical receiver ICs for complex modulation schemes like PAM or DMT
- Developing a technically (i.e. regarding coupling efficiency) and economically sound packaging solution for optical POF receiver chips.

Opto-electronic integrated circuits, OEIC, POF receiver, VCSEL driver, RC-LED driver, ASIC design, opto-electrical characterization service, fast laser sources, specialized test equipment