homefibre digital network gmbh, Austria, Industry (IND)

Gerhard Treffner
Fratresstrasse 20
9800 Spittal/Drau
Phone: +43 4762 35391
Fax: +43 4762 42780
E-Mail: welcome@homefibre.at

Description and expertise of the organisation:
The company was founded in 2004 with the aim of developing and exploiting a new innovative system for High Speed Multimedia Home Networking, based on plastic optical fiber. The innovation offers a optical home network system infrastructure for both, self-installation by using the thin and easy to install POF cable and professional installation for joint installation of the optical date-network together with the electrical installation.

Homefibre is actually developing, producing and marketing the “Homefibre System” in co-operation with industrial partners like Rutenbeck and Delta Solutions.

In 2008 Homefibre was winner of an Innovation Award from the Government of Carinthia.

The customers of Homefibre are Telcos, industrial OEM customers and Distributors all over Europe and also outside of Europe.

The core competence of Homefibre is to be a system integrator for the optical in-building and home network and to exploit step by step a complete in-building and home-network system with technical intelligent network infrastructure components. One of the USPs for the Homefibre in house digital multimedia network is the cost saving use of the electrical power infrastructure for optical high speed wiring and the concept of distributed gateways.

Homefibre is partner in the FP7 project “ALPHA” and has done intensive studies regarding the optical system performance of multimedia home networks.

Research interests / Project ideas
optical access networks for in-building systems, integration of multiple access technologies in optical in-building networks, management and system interfaces and gateways between in-building and home networks.

Gbit Transmission over Polymer Optical Fibre, Integration of DVB, DVB-IP and IP-TV services, Optimization of bandwidth management and mixed network technologies (e.g. wireless and optical backbone), distributed optical media conversion gateways

In-building access networks, service integration, network management