Xyratex Technology Ltd, UK, Industry (IND)

Richard Pitwon
1000-30 Langstone Road
Hampshire PO9 1SA
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)239249 6715
E-Mail: rpitwon@xyratex.com

Description and expertise of the organisation:
Xyratex is a leading provider of enterprise class data storage subsystems and
storage process technology. The company designs and manufactures enabling
technology that provides OEM and disk drive manufacturers with data storage
products to support high-performance storage and data communication networks.
Xyratex has over 25 years of experience in research and development relating to
disk drives, storage systems and high-speed communication protocols.
Founded in 1994 in an MBO from IBM, and with headquarters in the UK, the
company has over 1,700 employees with over a quarter working in R&D. Xyratex has
an established global base, with R&D and operational facilities in Europe, the United
States and South East Asia.

Research interests / Project ideas
Xyratex has led optical research over the past 8 years to address the challenges associated with embedded optical polymer waveguide technology in order to integrate optical PCBs into future high bandwidth, high density data storage systems.

Our research interests are:
1)Development of pluggable optical interconnect for optical printed circuit boards
2)Low cost fabrication techniques for polymeric optical waveguides
3)Streamlining manufacture of optical PCBs in order to help develop and establish commercial supply chain
4)Integration of optical PCBs into high density IT systems

Project ideas:
1) High density optical PCB interconnect for access nodes and network attached storage
2) Passive polymer optical PCBs for access nodes with embedded polymer amplification mechanisms for passive routing of telcom signals

Optical printed circuit boards (OPCBs), pluggable OPCB connectors, polymer waveguides, low cost manufacture of optical PCBs, polymer amplification