Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Germany, Research (RES)

Dr. Ronald Freund
Einsteinufer 37,
10587 Berlin,
Phone: +49 30 31002 652
Fax: +49 30 31002 250

Description and expertise of the organisation:
Innovations for the digital future – i.e. both in the field of state-of-the-art communications systems and in the field of digital media and services use – are at the heart of research and development work carried out by the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. We are concentrated to develop the principles of information technology and to demonstrate new applications for new products in partnership with the industry.

The core competencies of HHI are in the areas of Photonic Networks and Systems, Mobile Broadband Systems, Photonic Components and Electronic Imaging.

Photonic Networks and Systems - Profile

Research and development (R&D) activities of the department "Photonic Networks and Systems" aim to advance optical networking technologies that are needed to realise the physical layer of the future Broadband Internet.

Main research areas cover:

• High-Speed TDM Systems

• WDM Systems

• Network design & modelling

• Access-, In-House-, Datacom Systems

Research interests / Project ideas
Piano+ project suggestions and collaboration interests:

• Optically powered fiber monitoring (design, system integration and test)
• OFDM ONU (design, FPGA-implementation, system tests)
• Optical back-haul for wireless (design and performance evaluation)
Further collaboration on:

• Network and system design studies and numerical/exp. performance evaluation
• Definition and evaluation of upgrade scenarios
• Component characterization on system level
• Sub-system tests up to 1 Terabit/s per single wavelength

OFDM ONU, Fibre monitoring, WDM systems, FPGA implementation, network and system design, component and sub-system characterisation