Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Faculty of Physics, Optics and Photonics Division, Poland, Higher Education (HE)

Prof. Tomasz R. Woliński
Faculty of Physics
Warsaw University of Technology
Koszykowa 75,00-662 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48222345689
Fax: +45222345743
E-Mail: wolinski@if.pw.edu.pl

Description and expertise of the organisation:
Optics and Photonics Division, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology: 2 professors, 5 PhDs, 11 PhDs students. Core Technology is defined as Fiber Optic and Liquid Crystal Sensor and Devices research and development. This includes linear and nonlinear effects in photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystals; polarizing and depolarizing optical effects in optical fibers; photonic liquid crystal fibers for telecom and sensing applications; polarization mode dispersion in optical fibers; tunable properties of light propagation in photonic liquid crystal fibers (PLCF); liquid crystal-core fiber; polarimetric optical fiber sensors and modular sensing system; polarimetric optical fiber sensors for stress monitoring in composite materials; long-period and fiber Bragg gratings. The core technology also includes modeling, fabrication and characterization of the photonic liquid crystal fibers and fiber optic sensors, devices and components.

Research interests / Project ideas
Tunable photonic devices based on the PLCF technology that could be applied for the next generation access networks, e.g.:
1.Tunable attenuators - based on the PLCF operating in the index-guiding regime.
2.Tunable filters - based on the PLCF operating in the photonic band-gap regime.
3.Polarization mode dispersion compensator

tunable filters/attenuators, PMD compensator