Rules of participation and information on funding eligibility

1. General eligibility criteria

1.1 Participating countries:
The competition will be open for participants from Austria, Germany, Israel, Poland and the United Kingdom ("Participating Countries"). In exceptional circumstances, partners from additional countries may be involved in the project. However, they will not receive any funding from the PIANO+ agencies and their role must be clearly defined and justified.

1.2 Language:
All applications, contractual documents and reports at consortium level (bi- or multinational) must be written in English.

1.3 Minimum number of participants:
At least two independent partners/organisations (must be separate legal entities!) from at least two Participating Countries (see 1.1) have to be involved in the project.

1.4 Balance:
Not more than 75 % of the total eligible project costs shall be incurred by any single organisation or by the organisations from a single participating country.

1.5 Project duration:
Project duration shall be between 24 and 36 months.

1.6 Scope:
All applications must align with the technical scope (see and Competition Paper).

1.7 Exploitation:
The project results have to be exploitable in the Participating Countries and the EU. The full proposal shall clearly demonstrate the plan for exploitation, application and/or commercialisation of the project results.

2. National eligibility criteria

2.1 Austria:
The following legal entities are eligible for funding:
  • enterprises
  • research organisations (universities and other non for profit research institutions)
  • associations
Entities that are part of the Austrian federal administration are excluded.

Funding Intensity:
  • large enterprises receive a public subsidy of up to 40% of eligible costs
  • medium enterprises receive a public subsidy of up to 50% of eligible costs
  • small enterprises receive a public subsidy of up to 60% of eligible costs
  • research organisations receive a public subsidy of up to 75% of eligible costs
Austrian participants are not allowed to act as the project coordinator.

Detailed information for the establishment of National Grant Agreements are available from the FFG at

The national rules on eligible costs for Austrian participants are available from the FFG at

Funding agency: FFG
Contact: Doris Vierbauch
Phone: +43 (0)5 7755 - 5024

2.2 Germany:
The project consortium must include at least one industrial partner based in Germany.
The national regulations AnBest-P, BNBest-BMBF 98 and/or NKBF98 apply. The documents can be found at

Funding agency: VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH (funding agency on behalf of the BMBF)
Contact: Sebastian Krug
Phone: +49-211-6214-472

2.3 Israel:
Proposals must include single or multi-year program that will provide know-how, processes or methods for the manufacture of a new product or the significant improvement in an existing one or a new process or a significant improvement in an existing process. The product must have a sizeable potential for export sales.
The support is in the form of a conditional grant amounting to 20%, 30%, 40 or 50% of the approved R&D budget.
Application forms (in Hebrew) are available in our web site:

Funding agency: The CSO fund
Management agency: ISERD -
Contact: Aviv Zeevi Balasiano
Phone: +972-3-5118121

2.4 Poland:
There are two categories of eligible organisations:
1. Public and non-public universities, institutes established by Polish Academy of Sciences, R&D units (branch research units), research institutes (incl. international).
For this category funding quota is up to 100 % for any type of research.

2. Enterprises (including SME) with R&D status according with national programs. Organizations must be registered in Poland.

Funding for this type of organisation depends on research category and size of enterprise.

Requested percentages of the total budget for industrial research is :
  • up to 80 % for micro and small enterprises,
  • up to 75% for medium enterprises,
  • up to 65% for large enterprises.
Requested percentages of the total budget for experimental development is :
  • up to 60 % for micro and small enterprises,
  • up to 50% for medium enterprises,
  • up to 40 % for large enterprises.

Funding agency: NCBIR
Contact: Jacek Pardyak
Phone: +48 22 58 30 501

2.5 United Kingdom:
Types of institutions eligible for funding:
  • National industry - SME´s [up to 60%]
  • Large Companies - [up to 50%]
  • Academics and Universities [80% of FEC]. Funding must not exceed 50% of overall UK grant
Eligible projects must include at least one UK industrial partner.
All UK participants in a PIANO+ project must be separate legal entities.
50% of the research must be carried out by the industry partner[s].
Subcontracting from the UK budget will be capped at 25%.

Funding agency: Technology Strategy Board
Contact 1: Greg May
Phone: +44 [0]7789 877171

Contact 2: Graham Mobbs
Phone: +44 [0] 1793 442763

3. Summary on eligibility of participants

All participants are strongly encouraged to communicate with their relevant national contacts to determine eligibility in specific cases in advance of submission!