Project acronym: SEPIANet
Project title: System Embedded Photonics in Access Networks
Project duration: 2 years 6 months from July 2011 to December 2013
Coordinator: Xyratex Technology Ltd
Scientific representative of the coordinator: Richard Pitwon
Project website address:

Executive summary

The 2.5 year project aimed to develop optical backplanes for data storage systems for Cloud & high performance computing, to enable increased energy efficiency and bandwidth in excess of 20Gb/s. It was a vertically integrated consortium comprising Xyratex (Coordinator, UK), ILFA (DE), Fraunhofer IZM (DE), TerOpta (UK), V-I Systems (DE) and Conjunct (UK).

It addressed the substantial challenges associated of developing a new optical PCB technology, culminating in the successful demonstration of 3 fully integrated planar glass waveguide optical backplane and pluggable connector platforms driven by system embedded 850 nm and external 1310 nm optical transceivers technologies, and validated them for both in-system and system-to-system connectivity. Overall this was a very innovative project with a good, vertically integrated team and there are good prospects for industrial exploitation.

Public project report (.docx download): SEPIANET