TickrMeter: Track Bitcoin & Stocks with this Tiny Price Ticker

• TickrMeter is a digital price ticker that tracks the price of cryptocurrencies and stocks.
• The device is small, with an e-paper display for easy readability.
• It offers features such as customizable alerts, daisy chaining multiple devices, and playlists.

TickrMeter Bitcoin & Crypto Price Ticker Review

What is TickrMeter?

TickrMeter is a digital price ticker for your desk, table, nightstand, or wherever you happen to glance the most. Using the ticker meter.io application, owners of the device can set it up to track the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and individual stocks like Tesla or Microsoft. More than 500 different cryptocurrencies can be chosen from according to the company’s website, plus a list of stocks from Nasdaq.

Device Size & Display

At roughly 4 inches wide and 1.5 inches high, the tiny black device takes up barely any footprint and thanks to an e-paper display it fades into the background no matter where it is placed. E-paper displays are used in digital readers like Kindles, praised for their easy readability and lack of intrusive light. However, due to its low brightness level in darkness it isn’t visible enough at night time without a LED switched on with adjustable brightness levels.

Features: Price Tracking, Playlists & More

The one minor complaint aside, TickrMeter does exactly what it is designed to do and it does it well. Inside the application users can adjust how often prices update with intervals ranging from one minute through once per day as well as tracking gains from user specified buy-in average prices or creating custom alerts for when prices pass above or below certain levels. Additionally users can daisy chain several devices together as well as create custom playlists for specific asset classes (i.e crypto/stocks).


Overall TickrMeter offers an attractive solution if you want a convenient way of keeping tabs on cryptocurrency prices while also offering some additional features such as setting custom alerts or playing custom playlists which could be useful depending on your own trading strategy needs